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The Clayton Area Historical Association was formed to reconstruct and preserve historical structures in Clayton, Idaho and to promote its rich mining history.
Clayton, Idaho is the town that refuses to die. Some websites have categorized us as a"Ghost Town", but we are here to show you that we are alive and kicking.This website is dedicated to
our townsfolks and potential visitors to our area. 

Our History: We have an amazing past which you will learn about accompanied by pictures provided by the local historical association.

Amazing Recollections: We are excited to include short histories of some of our townsfolk. They are loved and appreciated in our community and want to share them with you.

Local Happenings: Learn about our community events, news and local area landmarks.

Support Us: The Clayton Historical Association's successes and future plans which includes buying 5 acres of land and restoring the town's historic structures. So take a look around our website to learn more about our wonderful community and the history that we are trying to preserve. We have big plans for the future and would like to invite you to stop by and see for yourself the amazing town of Clayton, Idaho.

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