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Barn Raising

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

The Clayton Area Historical Association's Barn Raising was a great success. Our group; which consisted of Doyle Leuzinger, Mike Kalenik, Rick Foreistier, Chuck Baird, Frank Smith, Glenn Johnston, Gary Leuzinger, John Saleen, Alex Sapozhnikov, Israel Burkett and Ryan Johnston placed all of the trusses and attached the the plywood roof in 4 hours. Our great appreciation is extended to Rick Foreistier for the donation of his time and knowledge to complete this project.

The women; Luanna Knox, Cheryl Baker, Cheryl Kalenik, Bev Smith, Betty Baker, Judy Leuzinger and Lynn Leuzinger all came together and prepared a well deserved lunch for the working crew. A fun time was had by all.

When the structure is completed it will serve as a blacksmith shop and livery to expand that portion of the museums collection. This structure is being built on the site of the original blacksmith shop and livery that was built by The Idaho Mining and Smelter Company. That structure was destroyed by fire in the early 1940's.

Thank you to all of those people that attended and helped in the reconstruction effort. We are saving a part of Clayton's early history for this and future generations.

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